Wireless Internet For Laptops

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wireless internet for laptops is more the rule than the exception these days. Most new models come with wireless networking capabilities already built in. Those that don't can easily be made wireless compatible with the purchase of a Wi-Fi 802.11b wireless networking card. The card is inserted into the machine and enables it to access the Internet without cables.

Laptops and Wireless Internet

Laptops are designed with convenience in mind. They are meant to be taken on the road and are supposed to be simple and easy to operate. That is why wireless is a great fit for laptops. The extra cords and plug-ins necessary for traditional internet access are bulky and cumbersome. It makes sense that laptops would take advantage of the development of wireless technology to become even more user friendly and convenient away from home.

With laptop design in mind and factoring in the popularity of laptops versus desktop computers, many businesses are opting to become what are called wireless hotspots. Hotspots are simply businesses that offer wireless internet access to their customers. A hotspot could be a hotel, cafe, or restaurant. Anywhere business people come and where they might benefit from Internet access is a prime location for a hotspot.

There are several reasons why businesses are electing to become hotspots. First and foremost is that high speed wireless internet access attracts more customers and keeps them coming back. The other reason is that the technology itself is user friendly and affordable. A business that wants to offer wireless internet access to its customers has only to purchase a Wi-Fi kit from a reputable manufacturer. A good manufacturer or service provider will walk you through installation and offer technical support too.

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