Wireless Internet Routers

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Wireless internet routers were very expensive pieces of equipment a few years ago. They were too cost prohibitive to allow many small businesses to provide high speed wireless internet access to their customers. As the technology has become more widely available, though, prices have dropped dramatically and today most routers can be acquired from a Wi-Fi provider at much more reasonable prices.

The ABCs of Wireless Internet Routers

Routers are an essential piece of hardware in any wireless network. The router is what sends information, or "packets," from one network to another. Wireless internet routers use various protocols to maximize the efficiency of packet transmission. It is the router that connects the small network in a venue to the wider one through a high speed, or "broadband," modem.

Routers should not be confused with access points, though they are somewhat related. Access points are more local while routers connect multiple networks simultaneously. The router is what allows the various networks and the wireless connection to function.

Wireless internet routers can serve many functions and they are ideal for use in businesses and other public spaces. In hotels, motels, coffee shops, schools, retailers, and other businesses with several networks, customers with wireless capable devices can access the Internet within range of the source. Providing high speed wireless internet access to customers for a small fee or free with in store purchase is a business solution many companies are turning to in order to attract new business. It is also a good way to turn those new customers into repeat business.

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