Mac Troubleshooting

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Many business owners choose to avoid Windows altogether, which is fine, provided they have a Mac troubleshooting expert on hand instead. Many users are wedded to their Macs, which have a reputation for ease of use and elegance. In spite of this, problems can and do still arise.

The most important step in getting a business back online quickly is finding the cause of the problem as soon as possible. Many service and repair shops don't offer support for non-Windows machines, so it's doubly critical to have a great Mac troubleshooting technician ready to go. If it's 3AM and your Mac network crumbles, there are fewer places to turn for a solution than you might imagine.

Types of Mac Troubleshooting

It may be that you need assistance with your TCP/IP settings or with AppleTalk. Or you may have trouble integrating your Mac with a Windows machine. You could hire a Windows troubleshooting pro to help you out, but chances are he or she won't have the expertise to solve the dilemmas on the Mac end as well.

Talk to your New York IT consultant to find out whether they offer Macintosh service as well as Windows support. If so, you may have discovered a bona fide asset--a company with the skills you need to give you peace of mind at any hour of the day or night. Macs might be somewhat more seamless at integrating features and plug-ins, but when a compatibility issue arises it can prove just as injurious as a Windows bug.

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