As 5300

Written by Clive Swanepoel
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The Cisco AS5300 Voice Gateway is a remote access server that offers both voice and data functionality. Although Cisco stopped shipping it on July 1, 2002, it remains in widespread use by internet service providers and enterprises with many remote users. In order for the AS5300 to support VoIP and fax services, it needs to be equipped with Cisco's Voice Feature Cards and their voice-enabled IOS software.

AS5300 for VoIP

The AS5300 can be stacked to provide a single virtual modem pool. This allows service providers to quickly and easily scale up as their user base grows. The AS5300 enables internet service providers, to use their existing infrastructure to offer their customers long distance VoIP telephone service. The IOS software includes an IVR application that authenticates users and collects digits for correct call routing.

Enhanced Services

More advanced voice services such as voice/fax messaging, intelligent 800- number routing, voice-activated dialing, calling card, personal-assistant services, and web-based conferencing can be enabled by adding a VCO/4K programmable switch. These enhanced services allow ISPs to offer a number of other value added services such as unified messaging, Internet call-waiting and a virtual second line. Enterprises use the AS5300 in combination with Cisco 3600 and 2600 voice modules to route their inter-office voice and fax traffic over their existing IP network.

The AS5300 has strong competition such as the DataFire Remote Access Server by the Patton Electronics. Patton offers as standard, dual redundant power supplies, which are only available on the AS5300 as optional extras. Patton includes a web-based management tool that is not available for the AS5300, and in addition, they offer free software upgrades for the life of the product.

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