Ascend Tnt

Written by Clive Swanepoel
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The MAX TNT by Ascend Communications is an access switch that enables analog, ISDN, leased T1/E1, and frame relay access to computer networks. It can handle up to 960 concurrent calls over any of the supported access standards. The device is known as a "high-density" device because of its small physical size and is designed for large-scale applications where rack space might be an issue.

Multichannel Switching

ISPs and large corporations use remote access devices such as the ascend TNT to give remote users access to their networks. These devices authenticate users against an existing network user database before permitting access to the network. Generally these devices include firewalls and other security software and can handle both analog and digital signals.

Scalability is an important factor because ISP and corporate networks can have rapid increases in the number of users accessing the system. Remote users quickly become frustrated if they experience access problems such as dropped connections or authentication delays. That is why manufacturers of RAS equipment build reliability and flexibility into their designs. Some designs have no moving parts such as fans and also incorporate redundant dual powers supplies for non-stop performance.

Network Management

Network managers have an ever increasing work load as networks become more complex and the equipment more sophisticated. RAS manufacturers address this issue by making the installation and continuing operation of these devices as easy as possible while built-in management software enables the devices to be monitored and configured remotely. Real-time reporting systems allow managers to pinpoint problem areas and address them before they get out of hand.

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