Cheap Routers

Written by Amy Hunter
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Routers come in all shapes and sizes. In their most basic form, they are the Ethernet hubs that most people have in their homes to connect individual computers together. At the other extreme, you can find the industrial strength routers, which are much larger and more complicated. Whichever type of router you're looking for--one for your home or for your business--you'll want to get the best value for your money. So, then, what are some of the things to look for when purchasing a router?

First of all, you'll want to make sure the router you buy does what you want it to do. For example, if you're buying a router for your home, you don't want to buy a wireless hub without having wireless cards in your computers. This may seem obvious, but you don't want to get home from the store and find the wrong thing in your hands. At the very least, this will be frustrating for you. And we've got enough frustration in our lives without avoiding the easy stuff.

Other things you'll want to look for are both security and reliability. You'll want your router to work when you need it to, and you'll also want to protect your network from hacking and attacks. Reliability and security go hand in hand, since part of being reliable is being reliably secure, especially since computer attacks are a very real danger. It's crucial that your router protect you to the fullest degree possible.

You'll also want, naturally, to look at price. Spending the most money doesn't necessarily mean that you'll be getting the best router, just as spending the least money doesn't mean that you'll be getting the worst. Here, you'll probably want to talk to people about whatever individual routers you've found. The Internet is a great resource here, since you can find good information about the quality of specific routers in a number of locations.

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