Cisco Switch

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Cisco switch technology keeps innovating as time marches forward. These switches are packaged together as the "Cisco Catalyst Family". They enable basic connectivity to complex switching services.

Even if your network has a diverse interface, this needn't be a problem. Cisco switches are designed to support diverse network interfaces. High port densities and other complex scenarios are also taken into account in switch design at Cisco.

More about the Catalyst Family of Cisco Switches

The line of Cisco switches is plentiful. Depending on your company's particular networking situation, you should be able to find just the right Cisco routers and switches. Whether it be a school, a business, or a different type of organization, Cisco has a diversity of switches for many different situations.

For example, Cisco Catalyist 6500 Series switches are a very popular choice for school networks. The Cisco Catalyst 3750 switch series is recommended for medium-sized organizations. Cisco network consulting is the recommended way to find the right switches for your situation.

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