Digi Ras

Written by Clive Swanepoel
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The Digi RAS, or remote access server, manufactured by Patton Electronics is available in two models. The Model 2977 is suitable for larger businesses that have heavy fax requirements, and the Model 2977/B4 is appropriate for smaller businesses that need to be able to handle up to eight simultaneous remote connections. The Enterprise Model 2977 RAS provides up to 60 simultaneous high-speed T1/E1 or ISDN PRI connections while the 2977/B4 is designed for ISDN BRI service.

RAS for Faxing

Both models feature advanced DSP technology, supporting V.90, K56Flex, ISDN, Advanced FAX applications and dynamic analog/digital/fax support. They work with both Windows and Linux operating systems and have been integrated with numerous third party applications. These are server-based products, meaning that they are actually adapter cards that are plugged into a standard PCI 2.1 slot in any PC or server.

Easy to Install

Installation is a straightforward three step process. The card is plugged into the server, a device driver is installed, and finally, the ports are configured. The Digi RAS conveniently manages a number of essential functions, such as Branch Networking, Remote Access, Modem Pooling and Advanced Faxing.

If the number of users increases, and more ports are needed, multiple Model 2977 Digital Domain adapters can be installed in the same machine. Patton, who has been making connectivity devices since 1998, has a great reputation for support. In addition, they provide free software upgrades, which can be downloaded from their website, for the life of the product. There is a no-risk 30 day money-back guarantee.

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