E1 Routers

Written by Amy Hunter
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When choosing a router, it is important to make certain that the router you choose will do the job that you will require. For example, a T1/E1 router is a popular choice for setting up a wide area network. Knowing this, you may go out and pick up the one that was the cheapest, most appealing, or maybe the only one the store had in stock.

Just because a particular router will work does not mean that it is the best choice. One you have made certain that you have several routers that are compatible with your desires, it is time to narrow down the choices. Unfortunately, you do not narrow down the choices by picking the prettiest box. Make sure that the ports that you are connecting to are the correct size. Although most computers and routers will have compatible size connectors, if you pick a router that does not match your computer, you will have to buy and install an extra cord to make your connection.

Make sure that the router will connect the correct number of computers. Nothing is as frustrating as installing your router and having most of your computers hooked onto the network and then realizing you have reached the limits of your router. Given the falling prices of routers, think ahead to buy more than you think you will need, rather than gambling with less.

Speed, although highly touted on the box and in advertisements, is basically meaningless. There is little chance that your internet connection will allow you to surpass the speed that your router is rated for. Once you have made all of your other decisions, if you have more than one router left to choose from, then you may choose the one that is the most aesthetically pleasing. Particularly if you are going wireless, or are setting up a home network, choose the router that you would most like to see on display.

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