Isp Turnkey

Written by Clive Swanepoel
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ISP Turnkey solutions are offered by a number of vendors as a way for entrepreneurs to get into the business of providing internet services. A typical ISP offers its subscribers dial-up or cable access to the Internet as well as web and email hosting. Subscribers using dial-up modems are able to access via numbers that may involve long distance charges or via local numbers if they are within the local area of one of the ISPs modem banks.

ISP Solutions

The ISP business is very competitive, and signing up for a turnkey ISP solution can be expensive. Some programs would require 500 subscribers just to cover the minimum monthly charges--throw in a 3 year minimum contract and the potential loss becomes sizeable. With a little research and the right equipment, one can start an ISP business without that kind of risk.

ISP Turnkey Solutions

Starting small, an entrepreneur would need a pair of redundant servers with uninterruptible power supplies to handle the DNS services, email and web hosting. User access would be handled by a remote access server that could either be a stand alone device attached to the server network or an adapter card plugged into a standard 2.1 PCI slot. The system is hooked up to an Internet backbone service--and voila! A turnkey ISP is born.

They key to success is often the remote access server. It must work quickly and reliably and be flexible enough to handle all types of connections and telephony standards. ISP users hate dropped connections and busy signals, so it is important that the system be easily scaled to meet growing demand.

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