Lan-lan Routers

Written by Amy Hunter
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There are a variety of reasons that you may wish to connect one local area network to another. If you want to connect two remote offices together, you will want to set up an intranet connection. If you want to set up a connection with an outside vendor or associate, you should consider an extranet connection.

An intranet connection can refer to a variety of systems. Many people call a company's private website an intranet, but it can really be much more than that. An intranet is an internal LAN which allows its members to share communications and access information. The network can encompass a company that is located in one location, or a company that has remote offices in various areas.

The remote sharing of communications is perhaps the biggest perk to the intranet. By allowing access to all parts of the company through an intranet, you do not have the security concerns that would plague you by putting this information online. However, employees can easily access the information without it being mailed, faxed or emailed to them. An intranet can be set up without accessing the Internet.

An extranet is an excellent resource for companies who want to provide online account information, share plans, or request bids without the information being available to the general public. An extranet can be put together in a variety of ways. One method is to use the Internet, firewall, security certificates, and encryption. This prevents people who should not have access to the extranet from gaining access, and people who are using the extranet from getting on to the internet and possibly downloading harmful files. Another way to set up an extranet is through a VPN, or virtual private network. A VPN tunnels invisibly across the internet, not allowing access into or out of its network.

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