Linux Unix Operating System

Written by Serena Berger
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It is not always efficient for companies to install the same software on every individual computer terminal. It may be that it is too expensive to purchase a license for this many computers. Another possibility is that the resources required to run the program at an acceptable speed are very high.

Multi-User Ability in Linux/UNIX Operating Systems

In either of these cases, a possible solution is to install the software a server using a Linux/UNIX operating system. This will allow multiple users to log onto the same system simultaneously. This means that your employees do not need to line up at a terminal and wait until the previous person has completed their work in order to start their own task on an application. In fact, they can access the server from their own desktops, and with a Linux/UNIX server, employees can work simultaneously off of a single server. The multi-user ability is one of the key features that distinguish a Linux operating system from other network operating systems.

As you may need a crash course in order to learn how to use a computer operating the Linux/UNIX operating system, programs have been developed that simplify the process. Graphical user interfaces are the most common way for people to log onto a Linux/UNIX system. There are programs which will make the Linux/UNIX environment resemble the desktop icons and layout with which Windows users have become accustomed, thus facilitating adjustment for any new user.

If you are using programs that require a large number of calculations to be performed, they may run faster under a Linux or UNIX operating system. Some programs, even when run with Pentium 4 processors, will occupy all of your computer's resources. It is better to have a Linux or UNIX computer on which someone can run these programs so as not to waste time. Such a resource-draining application can be run on a shared computer with a Linux operating system, and the employee can work on something else on his own computer in the meantime.

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