Network Planning

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Network planning lays the foundation of your company's future networking systems. This crucial stage is equivalent to the foundation of a new home. Accordingly, any network plans need to be sound in order for a well-functioning system to be put into place.

Network maintenance and consulting experts can offer invaluable help when it comes to network planning. These experts can advise clients of all facets of a business network. This includes internet, local area network (LAN), subnet, and wide area networks (WAN).

Network Planning: Working with Consultants

Before any network planning takes place, the network consulting team should obtain as much information as it can from the client company regarding its current networking situation. The consultants should analyze this information in terms of the company's long-term business goals as well as its day-to-day projects.

This kind of analysis will help consultants gain insight into exactly how the network should be planned and designed. They should continue to work closely with the client company, keeping an open communication throughout all stages of network development. This includes not only planning but implementation, maintenance, and optimization.

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