Ras Software

Written by Clive Swanepoel
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RAS software or remote access server software is used to enable remote access servers to function. In its simplest form, it is used to connect two geographically separate computers. A salesperson using a laptop computer from a hotel room to connect to a home computer may use such software, which would be installed on both machines.

Software for Remote Access also Takes Care of Security

In the corporate environment, RAS software is an integral part of the corporate network. It works with remote access servers to handle incoming connections, user authentication, and system monitoring and reporting. RAS software should be able to use the existing network database to authenticate users thus avoiding the need for duplication.

Managing large numbers of remote users connecting to a network simultaneously can be a daunting task for any network manager. RAS software has been developed to make this task much easier. Using familiar network management tools, administrators can configure RAS devices remotely and extract real-time connectivity reports. The software records details such as the start and stop times of each connection, connection failures, how many bytes were transferred and the activity of each port. This enables managers to address connectivity issues before they become problematic.

Security and Firewalls

Most remote access servers include security software such as firewalls and spam filters. For UNIX and LINUX operating systems the TCP/IP protocol is used while Windows operating systems can use IPX, NETBEUI as well as TCP/IP protocols. Where there is a need to connect remote computers to different networks with different operating systems, a discrete remote access server is used that is able to use the common TCP/IP protocol.

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