Red Hat Linux Operating System

Written by Serena Berger
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Linux is a free, open source operating system that is used by millions of individuals and many companies around the world. Individuals who use computers for recreational purposes may be able to take a chance on an operating system that does not provide support. Companies cannot take the same chance, so distribution companies have taken the Linux Kernel and packaged it into retail versions for which they provide support.

Linux Operating System Offerings from Red Hat

Among the most popular Linux distributors for businesses is Red Hat. Until fairly recently, there was a single Red Hat Linux operating system. Today, however, the marketplace for Linux operating systems has expanded and formed two main segments: those that desire a stable and supported operating system and those that are enthusiastic about the potential for open source projects.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux includes different options for customer support for all purchases, as well as upgrades to future versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system has a 12-18 month release cycle, as they are constantly refining the operating system. Once you purchase it, upgrades will be available for you to download as soon as they are released. There are also several hardware certifications for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, which means that you can be sure before migrating to Linux that your hardware will function properly on your new operating system.

For those who want to see the full potential of open source projects realized, Red Hat is sponsoring the Fedora Project. This is a full Linux operating system comprised entirely of freely available software and contributions from Red Hat, and it is free to download. Additionally, the release cycle for Fedora is only four to six months, which is much shorter than the Enterprise release cycle. If you can afford to forego service and certifications and simply want the newest developments from the open source community, you should consider downloading Fedora.

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