Software For Linux Operating System

Written by Serena Berger
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One of the reasons that might prevent someone from switching over to using the Linux operating system is the perceived lack of available software. The choice of computers between Macs or PCs in many fields is determined by the availability of work-related software for each platform. Someone may be hesitant to use Linux on his or her home computer if the home computer is also used for work and some crucial software is not available for the Linux operating system.

You cannot directly use software that was made to run in Microsoft Windows on a Linux computer. You can, however, use a Windows emulator on a Linux system, within which you can launch programs made for Windows. These emulators are available either freely or for commercial purposes. The intent behind them is the same: to allow programs designed for Windows to be run in a Linux environment.

Consider What Software You Use before Deciding on Linux

If you are thinking about building a personal computer for yourself, you have probably realized that software will increase the cost of this project significantly. Using Linux lets you save on the retail price of an operating system. If you are like most people who use a computer to browse the Internet, send and receive email, and perform office tasks such as preparing presentations and writing documents, then you can find relevant software at very affordable prices--if not for free--that will run on Linux computers.

Software bundles for different tasks exist that are open source and freely available for download. These can easily replace the commercial versions that are sold for hundreds of dollars or incorporated into expensive operating systems. If you prefer to use this software under your current operating system to see if you will be comfortable using it as a replacement to your current software, most of these packages run on Microsoft Windows as well as in Linux.

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