Wan Solutions

Written by Amy Hunter
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Wide area networks can be assembled in a variety of ways. One traditional method of building a WAN is through traditional, existing phone lines. This is a simple and common practice. There are, however, alternatives.

Leased lines are becoming increasingly popular with companies interested in putting together a WAN. Leased lines are always "on," which makes them more convenient than dial-up service. Leased lines are charged by the speed and volume, and the company pays a fixed monthly rate. The leasing company is responsible for the maintenance and upgrading of the lines, which is another reason why this is an attractive option for many companies.

A satellite connection is another viable option. Satellites allow two-way internet access, and are an excellent choice in areas where traditional high speed access, such as DSL, is not available. Satellite works by broadcasting signals from a computer to a dish on top of the building. The signal is then transferred to a satellite that is orbiting the earth over 20,000 miles in the sky. The satellite is in geosynchronous orbit, which means that it rotates at the same speed as the earth. This causes the satellite always to be in the same position relative to your dish.

The decision of which type of wide area network solution you choose will involve many factors. Important factors include what is available in your area, as well as who will be responsible for the maintenance, cost, and speed. By deciding on your priorities and carefully researching your options, you will be able to make the best decision for your company.

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