X.21 Routers

Written by Amy Hunter
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When selecting the right router for the job, there are many things to take into consideration. Times have changes since 1976 when the X.21 was the circuit switching network of choice. The speeds it clocked, at 64 kbps, were considered the standard protocol at the time. Few people at that time even knew what a circuit switching network was.

Today you can pick up a router in a box at the local big box store and have a network set up in your house by the end of the day. You can be sure that the router will be compatible with your machine by reading the side of the box. Likewise, you will know all of its features before you even take it home.

Setting up a network system doesn't need to be any different than any other computer task. The first time you set up your own computer, configured your own printer, or installed a piece of $700 software, it probably seemed pretty overwhelming. Establishing a computer network is not very different.

Once you make the leap into setting up a computer network, you will find it is not so overwhelming. The instructions will walk you through the set-up and installation. Additional help can be found online or by calling company tech support. Trial and error may come into play, in particular with a wireless set-up. It is not unusual to have to move the wireless router around a bit to find the best location. Take the first step in setting up a computer network. You will open yourself up to a world of convenience that you would not have imagined.

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