Daily Jokes

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Most of us don't know enough jokes to come up with a new one every day. With few exceptions, many people tend to remember one or two jokes at the most, and these are the ones they usually repeat to anyone who will listen. If you're like most people, you may have wondered where that one friend who seems to have an inexhaustible store gets all that new material.

It may not surprise you to learn the answer usually lies right here on the Web. Good jokes are a rare commodity, and fewer websites than you might think take the care to provide consistently high fare in their daily offerings. The ones that do offer reliable laughs tend to earn repeat visitors for the simple reason that everybody enjoys a good joke once in a while.

Better Jokes, Better Portals

Of course jokes are mere bite-sized morsels compared with the meal you should expect from a major portal. This common format has undergone some evolution in the past few years, but its essentials remain the same: modules that contain everything from word-of-the-day dictionary selections to news, useful links and more. The main difference today is how easily customizable these sites have become.

If you're tired of reading the same AP headlines without any dissent from other voices, you may want to look online for a more advanced breed of portal. The best of these carry everything from Doonesbury to healthy eating recipes, all in a simple, intuitive layout that aids your efforts in organizing the information. If you want to find a site that suits your particular tastes, it may help to look in places other than the biggest names in the business.

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