Daily Vocabulary

Written by Devin Flanigan
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What are some ways to build your vocabulary? The easiest and most obvious way to improve your language skills is to memorize a flash card with a new word for every day of the year. However, sticking with a program of flash card memorization can be exhausting, even if you're initially highly motivated. Even SAT prep students, who need to learn new vocabulary in order to score well on their standardized tests, often find themselves unable to stomach simple rote memorization.

A better and more organic way to expand your verbal palette is to read. Good literature exposes you to new words in their native contexts. Whenever you come across a word you don't know, simply look that word up in a dictionary or online. Eventually, you will subconsciously learn these words and begin to incorporate them in your speech and writing.

Expanding Your Vocabulary

The best time to learn new vocabulary words is as a child. Language acquisition in children aged five and younger proceeds at an incredibly rapid pace. If you don't build the neural mechanisms to acquire language as a youngster, you'll likely have more difficulty with language as an adult. That said, you can train yourself to organize your thoughts in terms of language via a savvy management program.

Experts suggest focusing more on learning vocabulary in context and less on memorizing random big words. Chances are that you already know a lot of specialized vocabulary. Indeed, anyone who participates in a broader cultural dialogue necessarily gets exposed to unique words. The key to developing broad language skills is to keep reading and writing as much as possible.

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