Dessert Recipes

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Dieting can be difficult for so many reasons, but probably the temptation of sweets ranks high on most people's lists of dieting dangers. Lesser sacrifices like smaller dinner portions can be tolerated with a little patience, but there is nothing like a decadent chocolate dessert to tempt you with the ecstasy of indulgence. For many people, the sugar-free offerings you get at the grocer's just won't cut it.

That's why the market for more healthful dessert recipes remains so popular. Although many such items pale in comparison to their higher-cal counterparts, every once in a while you get lucky and find a gem worth making again and again. The trick is knowing where to look for the best recipes without the guilt.

Just Desserts

These days, a growing number of people have come to rely on major portals to supply them with daily recipes. Sadly, many such sites bear the sponsorship of major diet companies whose ingredients are reflected in those unappetizing choices--which may explain the disappointment you experienced after that first bite. Needless to say, the people who create the best dessert recipes tend to wear chef's hats instead of lab coats.

Some of the smaller portals now carry recipes from major chefs whose interests start and end with a delicious experience. If you are looking for better ways to indulge that sweet tooth at home, you may find yourself dazzled by the many good choices on such sites. With a little patience, you could even find the next great "family recipe" lurking amidst the headlines of the day.

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