Dr. James Dobson - Focus On The Family

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Dr. James Dobson has not made it where he is today without encountering his share of controversy. The head of the Christian right organization Focus on the Family, Dobson has come under fire as one of the principle architect's of President George W. Bush's social policies, which some view as polarizing. Dr. Dobson's impassioned condemnations of homosexuality have made him a lightning rod in the so-called culture wars.

All of this and more is why many people are surprised to find that James Dobson is also a syndicated advice columnist, offering his wit and wisdom to all who seek his counsel. The Dobson that writes the Focus on the Family question-and-answer column is oftentimes warm and flexible, a stark contrast with the image he projects in his nightly television punditry. Dobson even strays from church orthodoxy from time to time, proving he's beholden to no one.

Advice for Families

The one thing that all of Dr. Dobson's advice-seekers share in common is that they are seeking to make their families function better. They are often in for a surprise when Dobson doles out his homespun brand of wisdom, offering them the advice they need to hear rather than want to hear. Frequent readers of the column find themselves constantly discovering new sides to this dynamic individual.

Whether you love him or love to hate him, Dr. James Dobson always shoots from the hip and never disappoints. His columns sometimes deal with sensitive subjects that families may be uncomfortable discussing openly. However, Dobson addresses these with tact and flair, making dialogue that much easier for his devoted readers.

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