Free Bible Quotes

Written by Devin Flanigan
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In today's world of random violence and global unease, hearing words of faith and promise that have stood the test of time can be extremely comforting. Even those who carry a Bible with them may not know where to look to find the piece of wisdom they most crave at the moment. An offering of free Bible quotes through the Internet is a wonderful way to stay in touch with one's faith at the click of a button.

"And God said, Let there be light: and there was light" is one of the first lines in the Old Testament and it reminds the faithful of the power of their God. Many quotes offer lessons that can be easily integrated into our daily lives, such as "Man shall not live by bread alone." The Judeo-Christian Bible is one of the most enduring works of literature and it has much to offer even the most ardent of non-believers.

"Hast Thou an Arm Like Mine?"

From the wrath of a vengeful God in the Old Testament to the message of peace and forgiveness in the New, the Bible is filled with innumerable famous quotes, parables and stories that can illuminate our lives. These excerpts can help guide us on a path of fulfillment and service to one another. It is a great treat to be able to have these nuggets of wisdom delivered to our computer screens every day.

Web portals that carry news of the day and challenging crossword puzzles often also offer free Bible quotes. These new types of portals are not usually the ones sponsored by the multinational media conglomerates, but rather by small family-friendly enterprises. It is now quite simple to experience the power and pleasure of reading new free Bible quotes every day.

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