Garfield And Odie

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Garfield and Odie are the dynamic cat and dog duo that star in the comic strip "Garfield." In the comedic spirit of the Odd Couple, Garfield is witty and cynical, while Odie is oblivious and happy. Garfield plays off this poor dog for laughs, oftentimes playing mean pranks on Odie simply to relieve the pangs of boredom. Whereas Garfield talks in English in the comic strip, Odie never says anything.

Garfield and Odie are owned by Jon Arbuckle, a sappy nerd who can't quite get it together with the girls. Jon loves both his pets, but he's often enraged by what Garfield does to Odie. Cat fans across the United States have seized upon these raucous caricatures to defend their viewpoint that cats are superior to dogs. Yet at the end of the day, both Garfield and Odie prove lovable in their own ways.

The Influence of Garfield and Odie

Other ancillary characters enter the Garfield universe now and again. Arlene, the slinky cat from across the alley, is Garfield's main love interest. Yet, just like his owner, Garfield inevitably proves inept and insipid when flirting with Arlene. Garfield also must contend with Nermel, his cute-as-a-button rival who wins the adoration of every cat, dog, and human with whom he comes in contact.

Of course, Garfield's main nemesis is Monday. In countless scenes, he describes how much he hates activity of any kind. Indeed, his iconic phrases, such as "I hate Mondays," have even spawned self-help series. Garfield's singular influence on American culture is remarkable, not just for its diversity but also for what it suggests about the relationship between man and his animal friends.

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