Healthy Recipes

Written by Devin Flanigan
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There was a time when the only supplemental material many newspapers ran came in the form of classified ads. That all changed with the advent of comics, advice columns, and daily tips and tricks features. Today, few newspapers ever reach 10,000 in circulation without catering to a broad range of interests and whimsies. An increasingly popular draw for many papers today in our fast food world is the inclusion of healthful recipes.

The desire for unique and healthful recipes is an inevitable outcome of current dietary trends. Americans are growing fatter, obesity is on the rise, and diabetes is now projected to strike a considerable percentage of our nation's youth at some point in their lifetimes. Schools are doing little to combat the problem, as budget cuts force them to rely increasingly on fast food suppliers who offer a Faustian bargain of cheap food with devastating health risks.

Home Fixes

That's where better recipes come in. Even those of us who cook regularly know how difficult it can be to balance the ever-changing USDA recommendations for saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol against tastes cultivated over a lifetime. Finding flavorful and simple recipes that actually offer some health benefits is the kind of win-win few people can turn down.

The good news is that many of the best online portals now carry healthy recipes every day. If you have found yourself struggling to put together menus week after week, you may find the ideas on such pages invaluable. With the right portal, you can even catch up on sports, world events and more as you are copying down that indispensable ingredient list.

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