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Written by Devin Flanigan
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It seems like no matter where you turn, the news of the world is rife with upsetting stories. Whether you favor blogs, print journalism or online magazines, you can scarcely surf any news site without coming upon countless news stories that threaten to disrupt your equilibrium even before the day begins. No wonder so many people treasure any chance they get to laugh as they catch up on current events.

Online portals have grown ever more diverse in the last few years, propelled in no small part by the diversity of interests people bring to the table. Sites that started as simple news outlets soon began to include everything from the funnies to horoscopes and recipes, and they haven't stopped there. Today many of the most popular sites even carry daily jokes.

The Little Things

Of course no joke can undo the things that make your day difficult, but the fact remains that a little levity once in a while has been proven good for your health. Top portals nowadays cull jokes from a variety of sources to select the material your whole family can enjoy each morning. Those who read these sites regularly often report sharing them with friends and colleagues more often than they ever expected they would.

A true portal should cover everything you care about, from world issues to local stories, hobbies to health. If you are looking for independent voices that might provide a broader perspective than those you find on the corporate behemoths, it may help to look online for some good examples of this newer breed of information carrier. Choose right and you could find yourself laughing daily as you inform yourself about the news of the world.

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