New Comic Books

Written by Devin Flanigan
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It is a common complaint in the comics community: why are newspapers that were once fertile ground for new talent now growing complacent? It seems like every paper in the country now carries some version of the same five or ten comic strips, most bearing the imprimatur of major syndicates. Are there no more independent voices in comics, or have the current editors simply given up on breaking in new talent in this era of tightened purse strings?

Of course, there are always new comic books, and many of these authors offer daily selections for syndication. Although most of the major newspapers won't carry such unknowns, a growing market for such untapped talent has turned out to come from web portals. Many of the smaller sites in this exploding market place a high priority on carrying material few other papers will touch.

See You in the Funny (Web) Pages

Gary Larson didn't get his start overnight, and neither did Charles Schulz. It wasn't long ago that the testing ground for edgy or unique talent lay in regional papers whose readership rarely topped 10,000. Today these same young artists enjoy global exposure thanks to a few forward-looking editors who run the very best internet portals.

If you are starved for better entertainment from the comics your paper offers, you may want to look online to see just how much promise this field really holds. With a little research, you might even discover networks of talented comic strip creators who recommend each other's work. The right portal can set you on the path to an edifying expansion of your comic horizons.

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