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Written by Devin Flanigan
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It is literally an impossible feat to keep up with the thousands of new web sites that come online on a daily basis. Even if you could, so many are often poorly executed or of no interest to you that examining them is a waste of time. The ideal situation would be for someone to filter out all the static and present you with only the very best and most useful in new web sites.

Luckily, that optimum solution is already here, as many portal sites handpick only the best sites to introduce to their visitors. The operators of these sites know the interests of their followers, based on the content that the consumers explore while at these sites. Armed with this knowledge, they can cherry pick the best of what the Net has to offer so that what you get is a small list of great new web sites to explore.

See the Sites

The fact that you frequent a specific portal site that collects content from across the Web for you means that you have some affinity for the type of content that the site features. If you are going to a portal site that holds little interest for you, the chances are that the links it offers may be of little use to you as well. Explore until you find a portal site that brings you the type of web experience that you have been looking for.

By pre-screening these new web sites, the portals that introduce them to you are also in a sense vouching for them. If these new sites disappoint in content or customer service, be sure to e-mail the operator of the portal site, so that he or she can reconsider whether to continue to advertise the site in question. Make sure your voice is heard so that future site choices are more to your liking.

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