Written by Devin Flanigan
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The simple act of prayer is a powerful way to center one's thoughts and gain access to a rich inner life of faith and promise. We are all told to say our prayers every night as children, but as adults, even the most faithful often fail to remember this simple ritual. Taking time to ask for blessings for your loved ones and continued strength to face the hardships of existence can be a profound tool for growth and change.

Prayer is, at its heart, a form of reflection, and reflection is something that even those with no belief in a higher power can benefit from. Pausing in your day to reflect upon what you have, what you've lost, and what you hope to gain can improve your relationships with the people around you, as well as your creator. Prayer is a way for you to be quiet with yourself for a few moments in what is often a hectic and challenging day.

Prayer Works

Prayer can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. A quick silent offering can be made while driving down the street, or a thoughtful and complex meditation may take place at one's bedside each evening. There are many prayers that we memorize and sometimes take for granted, but when we stop and listen to the words, we understand anew their power.

The advent of the Internet has allowed strangers to pray together on the wings of technology. Many purveyors of information post useful and touching prayers on their portals for those searching for a new way to pray. The Bible says that God is there wherever three or more are gathered in His name. With the Internet, it may be more like three million.

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