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Written by Devin Flanigan
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The Internet is so vast that pinpointing sites of utility and interest can often seem like a Herculean task. Many of us become accustomed to visiting the same few sites every day rather than risk the time and effort of trying to find something new and captivating. The result of this is that we get bored of the sites we frequent and think that we're bored or "over" the Internet in general.

If you could be presented with a few sites each day that have been screened in advance, however, you might find a new site that changes your mind. When someone else, such as a helpful portal site, does the legwork for you and presents you with only the pick of the litter, you're much more likely to feel that your time online is well spent. By presenting these Sites of the Day, these portals are giving your fondness for the Net a new lease on life.

What a Day for a New Site

Obviously, not all of the sites offered up for your inspection will pass muster with you. Usually you can expect to eventually find a few that become more than just a passing fancy, but some of the core sites that you frequent. Giving sites outside of your normal hobbies a fair shake is a way to expand your horizons and become a more dynamic and interesting person.

As with everything in life, consider the source. Make sure that the portal presenting you with these Sites of the Day is a well-rounded enterprise with lots of content that you both enjoy and respect. If you find that none of the featured sites holds much interest for you, the problem may be with the recommender, and not with you.

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