Auto Switches

Written by Charles Peacock
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As home and office electronic systems become increasingly complex, it's growing harder and harder to control everything efficiently. Many people still have a hard time programming their VCR, so it's no surprise that today's technology is a bit overwhelming for many of us. The best way to reduce your technology-induced headaches is to try to set up your systems to operate with as little human interference as possible.

Using Auto Switches

One of the greatest centers of technological confusion in the home is the home entertainment system. With so many components in your system, it can be difficult to keep a handle on things. Many of us know the frustration of shuffling through a stack of remote controls, trying to find the button that we're looking for to get everything working properly.

A great way to simplify your home entertainment system is to route everything though an automatic switching system. Auto switches can be set up so that all of your signals (from your cable TV, DVD player and VCR) are routed through it and distributed efficiently. The switching system can sense which component you are using, and will automatically shift the monitor to that signal.

Other kinds of auto switches are available for automating all sorts of home systems. You can buy switches that will regulate all of the lighting in your house, for example. A great side benefit of this type of device is that it can save you quite a bit on your energy bills.

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