Brownout Protector

Written by Charles Peacock
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Most people are familiar with surge protectors. Anyone who has ever had a computer or television fried because of an electrical storm knows how important it is to plug your expensive equipment into surge protectors that will protect them from surges in voltage. A lesser known but equally important type of electrical safety equipment is the brownout protector.

What Brownout Protectors Do

First of all, let's look at what a brownout is. Unlike a surge, which is an overall increase in the amount of voltage traveling through a line, a brownout is a temporary reduction in voltage. This can occur due to a problem at the power company's central station, or as a result of felled lines in your local area. Brownouts sometimes only last a fraction of a second, but in some cases they can go on for hours at a time.

Brownouts are a major problem for electrical equipment that needs to be running all the time at a specific voltage. A good example of this would be hospital equipment that is literally required to keep people alive. It's simply not an option to let this equipment shut down due to a lack of power.

Brownout protectors work exactly the opposite as surge protectors. Instead of getting rid of excess voltage, they provide excess voltage to make up for the lack of power coming through the standard electrical lines. Brownout protectors usually utilize some type of battery or generator to keep the power at a standard level.

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