Energy Consultants

Written by Charles Peacock
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Considering how much your business spends on heating and electrical costs, it makes sense to consider enlisting an energy consultant to help you reduce your costs. Energy consultants are trained to examine every facet of your business and facilities in an attempt to maximize the efficiency of all of your operations. Ideally, the amount of money you will save by implementing their suggestions will quickly cover the cost of the actual consulting.

What Energy Consultants Do

Most energy consultants will set up an appointment with you to tour your facilities without any obligation to purchase their services. They will simply take a look at your business and tell you what they think they'll be able to help you with. If you decide that you want to use their services, you can then draw up a contract.

Once you begin working with your energy consultants, they will come back to your facilities for a thorough review. This includes a physical inspection of your buildings and all of your electrical equipment. It also includes a thorough examination of your past energy bills, so that they can see what you've been paying in order to try to make improvements.

One example of what energy consultants can help you with is minimizing the "fight" between your cooling systems and your heat-producing manufacturing or computer equipment. They can help you design insulation and ventilation systems that will allow heat to easily escape your equipment without needing to be cooled first by your central air conditioning system.

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