Home Electronics

Written by Charles Peacock
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The term "home electronics" means something new every day. The last few decades have seen an incredible explosion in the number of electrical appliances available for use in the home. Even more incredible is how quickly many of these machines are adopted and brought into everyday use. The turnaround time from new product design to market saturation is remarkably fast in today's technology-obsessed society.

Home Electronics: New and Old

The first common electrical appliance that most people had in their homes was the electrical lamp. For years, in fact, lamps were pretty much the only thing people plugged in. This all changed, however, with the consumer electronics revolution that happened after World War II.

Flush with more disposable income than ever before, people in the post-war era began spending money on electrical appliances to entertain them and to help them with everyday tasks. It was during this era that appliances such as televisions and electrical kitchen appliances began popping up in nearly every home in America. Within a few years, it seemed like everyone owned refrigerators, blenders, and TV sets.

These days, home electronics are becoming even more entertaining--and even more useful--than ever. Home computers these days allow us to bring the office into our home, and to stay connected to the world outside our doors. Things like portable telephones and home theater systems give us more freedom and more fun in our daily lives.

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