Home Theater

Written by Charles Peacock
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Home theater systems are one of the hottest types of technology out there, and for good reason. Today, it's cheaper than ever to install a system that looks and sounds like you've got a real movie theater in your home. If you enjoy watching movies, listening to music or simply watching television, a home theater system can be a great investment.

Putting Together A Home Theater System

The key component of any good home theater system is a large video screen. Whether you choose a projection set, a traditional tube television or a flat screen monitor, you should seriously consider investing in one that has high definition capability. Within a few years, most broadcasts and DVDs will be in high def, and it would be unfortunate, to say the least, to invest in a system now that will quickly become obsolete.

Sound is the next key factor for your home theater system. A good sound system requires two main sets of components: an amplifier and a set of great speakers. Be sure to buy components of matching quality, since a bad amplifier will only pull mediocre sound out of even the best set of speakers. Package systems usually work pretty well, but if you want the best of the best you should shop for each component individually.

When you're putting your home theater system together, make sure you pay close attention to the placement of each component. Video screens (flat screen models in particular) should be viewed as straight-on as possible, since watching a screen on an angle reduces the quality of the viewing experience. And always make sure you place your surround sound speakers properly, since pointing them even the slightest bit off can seriously reduce the quality of what you are hearing.

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