Multi Outlet Strips

Written by Charles Peacock
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Anyone who owns a home computer knows how frustrating the cord and plug problem can become. The average desktop system requires at least four electrical plugs: for the computer, the monitor, the printer and the broadband modem. And that's not mentioning any fax machines, routers, scanners or other peripherals you might have in your office.

Adding Outlets to Your Room

The easiest way to turn one plug into many is to buy yourself a high-quality power strip. Multi-outlet power strips are relatively inexpensive, and they come with the added benefit of protecting your equipment from power surges. Just make sure when you buy your power strip that it has a built-in cutoff fuse.

If you need to extend your outlet to a different part of the room, you might want to buy a multi-outlet strip that plugs in with a short extension cord. This gives you the convenience of hiding all of your cords and plugs behind a desk or a couch, even if the outlet itself is on an exposed portion of the wall. Just be sure you don't use an overly long extension cord, as this can be dangerous.

If your outlet is in the right spot but just doesn't have enough sockets, your best bet is to buy a multi-outlet unit that simply expands the inputs on your outlet. These units typically plug right into the outlet, expanding the face into four or six plugs instead of two. These are great contraptions because they don't utilize any extension cords and are right there on the wall and easy to access.

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