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Japanese Anime Screensavers

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Put the classic, universal battle between good and evil on your computer monitor with Japanese anime screensavers.

From doe-eyed schoolgirls to demons and vampires, from Cowboy Bebop to Princess Mononoke, Witch Hunter Robin to Samurai Jack, Dragonball Z to Yu-Gi-Oh, the world of anime is incredibly rich and varied.

Anime differs from its American counterpart by being more concerned with depth of character than with an electrifying plot. Though of course there can be no story without conflict, anime series tend to present not superheroes, but ordinary people thrust into unusual circumstances, often through some special gift. They have human foibles and weaknesses, and are presented in a world that includes work, school, and the realities of everyday life.

Japanese Anime Screensavers Reflect the Huge Popularity of the Form

The popularity of Japanese anime has exploded in recent years. Not long ago, it was considered a "cult" obsession, to be found in odd nooks and crannies of too-hip places. When Sailor Moon, the series about a 14-year-old schoolgirl who is also a reincarnation of the Moon Princess, debuted in America in 1995, its impact was felt far beyond the target audience of young girls. There are now millions of web sites dedicated to Sailor Moon alone, and many hundreds of other series, each with its own exponential fan base.

All this provides a plethora of choices for downloading Japanese anime screensavers, from the most obscure manga adaptations to the immensely popular feature films such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away. Japanese anime screensavers help you enter a world where adventure and spiritual development coexist, and where fantasy and reality seamlessly blend.

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