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Laptop Screen Protectors

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More and more laptop users are discovering that their LCD screens are relatively vulnerable to a variety of mishaps. They can be easily scratched, and, should a laptop get dropped, they can suffer even more damage. Because laptop screens are LCD rather than glass, they can be damaged easily by something as innocuous as pointing to data with a pen. Once damaged, they are very expensive to repair.

While laptop screens can be repaired, it is a time consuming and frustrating experience because the owner is without his or her laptop and at the mercy of the repair company. It makes more sense than ever to find a viable and inexpensive alternative to risking major damage to a laptop screen.

Laptop Owners Be Aware

Many business persons use their laptops in airports, coffee houses, on airplanes, and in hotels. The more travel a laptop endures, the more likely it is to get damaged. This can be a huge problem if the user is stuck in a strange city or watching her screen turn to swirls on a plane. The time, effort, and expense it will take to get back to business can be daunting.

Fortunately, there are solutions. Several companies are marketing laptop computer LCD screen protectors. Many of them are low priced and very effective when needed. Some of them are even filtered to help protect the user's eyes as well.

How Laptop Screen Protectors Work

Most laptop screen protectors have an adhesive side, usually with a low level of adhesive for easy removal. The adhesive is called low tack and is safe to use on the LCD screen. Screens protectors are usually extremely thin while, at the same time, they are coated with strong polymers that resist scratching.

Laptop screen protectors save the LCD screen from scratches and go beyond to protect it from dents and even messy abrasions. They are easy to install and easy to keep clean with handy products most people have in their homes. Once in place on the screen, they do not slip, and they are thin enough to protect the screen without needing added force to close the laptop.

The cost of laptop screen protectors is low and, of course, is based on the size of the screen. They can be purchased online starting at around $15 and locally for a few dollars more. That's a small investment when you consider the fact that laptops are more expensive than desktops and their screens are more vulnerable because they are moved around so much.

In addition to protecting the laptop screen, some of these guards can also assist in improving privacy, especially when the user is sitting on a plane next to someone they don't know. It is amazing how many business passengers on planes and trains do not recognize that their information is open to anyone close enough to peer over a shoulder or turn their head to see what a seat mate is writing.

Getting familiar with laptop screen protection devices and privacy options can save a busy traveler a lot of time and stress, especially if their information is confidential or they cannot be without their laptop while it is getting repaired. While the cost of laptops is coming down, they are still more expensive than desktop computer models, and replacing a screen that could have been protected can be easily avoided at a low cost.

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