Desktop Screenshots

Written by Kevin Little
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Desktop screenshots offer a window to your world, a window you can replicate and distribute as you see fit. Most often, such a transparent look at your computer is used to make your machine work better. Forwarding a screenshot of an error message to the support center is a lot easier than trying to describe it!

Desktop screenshots are not just valuable during those times when your computer is in trouble. If you're attempting to learn a new program, screenshots can be a life-saver. Toss out the complicated manual and learn through the use of pictures instead! It's easy to see why many major corporations use screenshots as an integral part of their training curricula.

Desktop Screenshots for the Home User

Desktop screenshots, however, are not used solely in business circles. Many home users really get a kick out of using screenshots for more recreational purposes. For example, if your computer plays DVDs, you can capture the screen in the midst of your favorite scenes. You'll certainly have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a new wallpaper for your computer!

The use of screenshots has become more widespread due in part to the ease of use offered by many screenshot programs. These programs are easy to install and figure out for anyone with the slightest bit of computer savvy. More experienced users appreciate the various ways that these programs can be modified to save keystrokes during routine operations. No matter your user level, you'll be able to get a lot of use out of screenshot software.

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