Easy Screen Capture

Written by Kevin Little
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Easy Screen Capture is a program that allows you to do just what you'd expect, capture screenshots. One of many products currently available or in development for saving screenshots, the program certainly lives up its name. Included in the most recent version of this software is the option to set hot keys, which allow you to complete your most common tasks with a single keystroke. Such program customization can be a great time-saver.

Easy Screen Capture allows the user to save screenshots in four different file formats to meet the needs of different applications. Such a feature can really help you to get the most out of your screenshots, as you won't be limited when it comes to using your captures. Many newly-added editing options are also a must for getting your shots to look just the way you envision.

Gamers will be pleased to learn that the latest version of Easy Screen Capture supports screen shots of DirectX games. This feature allows for detailed study of game situations, not to mention tangible proof of your bragging rights! Just email your friends a list of high scores, then sit back to await their reaction.

Trying Easy Screen Capture

This product, like many screen capture programs, is available for a free trial. These trials are an essential part of the selection process. With many such programs currently on the market, it's important to find the product that best suits you. Make sure to determine the user-friendliness and overall capacity of a screenshot program before buying it.

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