Print Screen Utilities

Written by Kevin Little
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Print screen utilities are suddenly much more useful than they were before--but only of you don't use the "Print Screen" key! New alternatives from the software world have made printing your screen a much more rewarding exercise. Looking at your screen will never be same once you've experienced the thrill of the screen capture.

Print screen utilities have been taken to a whole new level of efficiency. In fact, there's a lot you can do before you even print. Instead of spooling your screenshot directly to the printer, try saving it as an image. Then you can select just the area of the screen you want to reproduce and choose a color scheme. Such techniques make for much more professional-looking shots.

Once you've completed the tasks outlined above, you can decide whether you would be best served by printing the image, filing it on your hard drive, or sending it out over email to your co-workers. These alternatives to the paper tray let you use your screenshots in precisely the manner that best meets the demands of your environment. Your work will gain in both accuracy and presentation.

Enhancing Print Screen Utilities

All you'll need upgrade your print screen utilities is software made to work with screenshots. This software is becoming more and more common in offices and homes as people discover its many advantages. If you're not convinced, take advantage of the free trial period to make sure a screenshot program will be useful to you.

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