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Written by Kevin Little
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Screen captures represent a quantum leap forward in screenshot technology. We're all familiar with the "Print Screen" button, some of us because we use it, some of us because we realize how hopelessly out of date it is. While the key has its uses, its effectiveness has been far surpassed by screenshot software.

Screen capture software can be a confusing concept the first time one hears of it. A bit of research soon leads one to discover just how useful screenshots can be, both in the office and at home. Screenshots form the basis of a whole new way of quickly disseminating a great deal of specific information without wasting a lot of paper. The practical uses of screenshots range from formatting to instruction, and continue on to heretofore unexplored realms.

The Workings of Screen Capture Software

Screenshot software gives you the opportunity not only to print the screen you are looking at, but to save the screen or selected areas of the screen in an image file. Many professionals have found this process to be of invaluable assistance to their work. Technical writers, marketing executives and engineers are just some of the many who have found screenshots to be a very important addition to their working lives.

Screenshot programs have the capacity to save, open and edit many different sorts of screen images. High-quality screenshots can be imported into other applications, a feature which makes proposals, advertisements and presentations come alive. Important bits of complicated designs can be forwarded over email to clients and team members. As you can see, screenshots are not merely a novelty, but an integral part of the workings of many businesses.

Screen Captures for Learning

Screenshots can also be used as training tools. We all know the drill: buy a new piece of software, install it on your computer, and prepare for hours of staring at a detailed yet confusing manual attempting to figure out just how the new program works. Screenshots allow computer users to learn in a much more natural way, by following pictorial directions that clearly illustrate the steps to take at every crucial juncture. Screenshots show you exactly how an unfamiliar program should look, which allows you to more easily make the correct choices.

It's little wonder, then, that many major corporations are using screenshots to train their employees. Obtaining technical assistance also becomes very easy thanks to screen captures of computer desktops. Simply email an image file that details the problem you are having to the help desk. Your local computer gurus will be in a much better position to help you when they can see exactly what is happening on your screen.

Screen Captures for Fun

Many newer versions of screenshot programs include support for capturing DVD and DirectX images. Both the movie buff and the gamer can derive a lot of satisfaction from capturing their favorite screenshots for use as desktop wallpapers or in email signature files. Screen capture programs are easy to master, making them an accessible option even for the home user.

If you're interested in learning more about screen capture software, the best course of action would be to download a screenshot program that allows for a free trial period. After a month of use, you'll have a firm grasp on the workings and features offered by such software. Whether you're projects are based on business or pleasure, you'll be surprised by the many opportunities afforded by screenshot programs.

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