Screen Capture Software

Written by Kevin Little
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Screen capture software is not just for printing the screen. While you can certainly create high-quality printouts of any portion of your screen, there is actually much more to be gained by not printing. More specifically, saving screenshots to your hard drive enables a whole slew of screenshot features you may not have considered before.

I was certainly surprised when I first encountered screen capture software. At first, I didn't understand the usefulness of saving screen captures to a hard drive. Then a friend of mine told me about the ways in which she uses screenshots over the course of her day at a major computer and software business.

She told me that her training process had been made much easier thanks to screen capture software. While she was learning a new office suite, she was sent screenshot files of key functions and menus to help her along. These images made the process of getting to work with her new software much less stressful than it might have been. Being both highly detailed and easily accessible, these shots proved to be a very valuable reference.

Screen Capture Software for Email

My friend also told me of a process she uses to save and back up her email files using screenshots. At the business for which she works, email storage on the company server is tightly monitored, and messages more than a month old are automatically deleted. She takes a screenshot of the important emails that she receives and saves them on her hard drive. Her emails are thus preserved in the exact form and format in which she received them. Such an email history is important to maintain and, thanks to screenshots, she is able do so without taking much time from her schedule.

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