Screen Capture From Video

Written by Kevin Little
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A screen capture from video can really add a level of interest to a presentation, whether it be in a business or educational setting. If there's one thing that Hollywood has taught us, it's that people respond to exciting images. Screen capture software can help you take high-quality captures from DVDs or even computer games. Such images can really hold your audience's attention!

One of the best presentations I've ever seen was one I attended on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. The subject of the talk was the intricacies of negotiation. The lecture was given by a speaker who had written a well-received book on the subject, and he used a variety of multimedia tools to help him get his point across. The most effective of these was achieved through the use of the screen captures.

He arranged his talk around scenes from various movies. Stills from Wall Street and The Sopranos filled the screen. The presenter used these scenes as jumping off points. The screen captures lent his presentation a well-defined structure. Not only did the captures make his talk more interesting but more memorable as well. All one had to do afterwards was to recall each screen capture from video he used when attempting to remember the key issues of the speech.

Take Screen Capture from Video

When the dust had cleared, it was screen capture from video that really made that presentation special. Anyone who has a public speaking engagement booked on his or her calendar can benefit greatly from the use of screen captures. Easily mastered commands and ready accessibility make screen capture software a resource worthy of consideration.

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