Screenshot Utilities

Written by Kevin Little
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Screenshot utilities comprise a set of tools that can make your computing life a whole lot easier. Many professionals find screenshots to be an irreplaceable part of their documents and manuals, yet don't always have time to click through all of the menus required to import a screenshot into another program. With a well-designed set of utilities at your disposal, you can manipulate screenshots quickly and easily. You'll save time and increase productivity.

When you take a screenshot, the first task you'll face is saving it. That sounds simple enough, right? Even saving a file, however, is a step that can be made to work better. If you have the option to save in a variety of different formats, you'll be able to spend less time on your screenshots down the road.

Your Savior: Screenshot Utilities

The first question that screenshot utilities can help you to answer is, "Where should I save my shot?" You'll be able to save it as a file, save to the clipboard, or immediately open your file in an image editor. Such options allow you to treat different screenshots appropriately. There's no reason to open a screenshot that you don't need to edit, just as there's little point in cutting and pasting an image that needs modification.

Not all file types are compatible with all programs, so you'll want to have the ability to save screenshots in a number of different ways. Screenshot utilities offer file-saving choices like bmp, jpeg, gif and even png. No matter what programs you're working with, you can be sure that your screenshots will be able to adapt.

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