Written by Kevin Little
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Screenshots are fast becoming one of the most popular ways to dispense information in a fast, productive manner. Those of us who have been trained on unfamiliar computer programs can attest to the fact that a demonstration is much more effective than a mountain of complicated instructions. Screen captures allow for such demonstrations to be done through the use of a single file!

Everyone seems busier in these fast-paced days, and that goes double for those who work in tech support. Computer gurus often don't have time to walk employees through each step of getting started with a new piece of software. Screenshots can condense whole lectures into an image. Once you know what the screen is supposed to look like at each step of the process, it's a lot easier to replicate the needed tasks.

Screenshots can be modified to encompass almost any part of the computer screen. Instructional text can also be added to such shots to create directions that couldn't be easier to follow. Time is saved all around, from the help desk to the desktop.

Making Your Own Screenshots

You don't have to be in the computer business to use screen capture software. The process of taking a screen capture has been streamlined to the point that just about anyone with a mouse can do it. The files are saved neatly under the names you specify. Powerful editing tools are also included that make possible the most precise and detailed captures you could imagine.

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