Take A Screenshot From Dvd

Written by Kevin Little
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Take a screenshot from DVD and open up a whole new world of family-related fun! We all know the ways in which kids obsess over their favorite films. When I was younger, I couldn't stop thinking about (or talking about) my preferred movies even when I wasn't watching them. My father would eventually load up the VCR with Raiders of the Lost Ark or Star Wars (again) just to quiet me down for a couple of hours.

If only Dad had been able to take a screenshot from DVD to provide me with the entertainment I craved. You see, I didn't just own the movies; I had the scrapbooks, and the coloring books, and the magazines. Rather than spend more money on fleeting pleasures such as those, Dad could have printed out a few screenshots for me to gaze at (and later destroy)!

In this computer-driven age, kids are becoming more tech-savvy all the time. How nice would it be for the children to boot up to a background featuring their favorite characters every time they sat down at the computer? Thanks to the many format options available when you take a screenshot from DVD, you can painlessly make such a scenario a reality.

It's Easy to Take a Screenshot from DVD

All you'll need to do to make an exciting background for your (or the kids') computer is to find an appropriate moment from the selected epic, take a screenshot, and save as an image file. You can also save to picture-friendly formats that you can print out (in color; kids are discerning, after all). If your offspring are emailing already, they can spice up their signature lines with a shot of that great action sequence.

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