Data Conversion

Written by Amy Hall
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One of the first steps in replacing software is data conversion. Most projects underestimate the cost of converting data because they assume the data is in good shape. Most times it is not. Clean data is crucial for a successful implementation.

Data conversions can be done through virtually any format and any media. Choose a professional project management team that can help guide you through every phase of your conversion. A team that has intimate knowledge of all major requirements for your system will ensure that data integrity is maintained.

Understanding Data Conversions

Most data conversions are done either in tape to tape, disk to tape, or tape to disk format. No matter how your conversion is done, or what you have upgraded to, keep in mind this information is critical to your company. The team working on your data conversion should be experienced.

Some data conversion specialists offer custom application development for your data. This will help you convert from one system to another quickly. There are many different types of backup drives that are compatible with the data conversion process.

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