Dlt 4000

Written by Amy Hall
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Capacity plus performance make the DLT 4000 an attractive solution for high end workstations, servers, and networks. The DLT 4000 has set the marker for quality and reliability. It has a long track record that has proven this time and time again.

The simple and stable engineering and design of the DLT 4000 ensure high durability in heavy-duty commercial applications. With a large capacity, this drive will hold all of your critical data information. Data conversions will run smoothly and quickly.

The DLT 4000 Market

In today's fast paced information-based society, preserving and protecting data is vital for virtually every institution. This is especially true with today's high-speed, high-capacity, mid-range computers. With advanced linear recording technology, the DLT 4000 drives meet any challenge with ease.

In data conversion or backup, speed and capacity are paramount. The DLT 4000 drives deliver both with a sustained transfer rate of 1.5 MB per second. It also contains a capacity of 20 gigabytes. This combination provides an effective backup solution.

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