Dlt 7000

Written by Amy Hall
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Built with the same linear recording technology, precision tape guiding system, and adaptive control mechanism as all DLT tape drives, the DLT 7000 is an ideal choice for intense data backup. It has a capacity of 35GB, which allows plenty of data storage. A fast speed of 5MB per second for data conversions and backups.

The DLT 7000 meets the requirements of the most stringent computer system applications. They have a cartridge life of over 1,000,000 media passes, and a head life of over 30,000 hours. These features of the DLT 7000 make it an attractive part of your computer system.

DLT 7000 Capabilities

The DLT 7000 has full read and write backward compatibility with previous DLT tape formats and media. The high-grade metal particle tape enables the DLT 7000 to achieve its high density. The media features an advanced binder system that minimizes tape and head wear while resisting the retention of airborne particles.

The DLT 7000 contains an innovative Symmetric Phase Recording Technique, which is combined with a flexible four channel recording system. This feature allows the DLT 7000 to set a new standard of performance. The DLT 7000 is ideally suited to any business with its combination of performance, capacity, and reliability.

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